Youth Leadership Programs

Focused on empowering tomorrow’s leaders, the Anthony Robbins Foundation provides resources, programs and events that encourage leadership in today’s youth. An opportunity for younger generations to make a difference in their communities, Youth Leadership also encourages others to participate as ambassador, coaches and alumni. Looking to get involved in the Foundation’s Youth Leadership Programs? Learn more about the programs and opportunities below or contact the Anthony Robbins Foundation today!

  • The Anthony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Program

    August 3-8th 2015 - Program is full. Registration is closed!
    University of California, San Diego

    Apply Now!

    Thank you for your interest in The Anthony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Program!  Our Program is full. No further applications will be accepted until 2016. Below are the program dates for 2015.

    Arrival: Youth Leaders/Coaches/Team Leaders Aug 2
    Arrival: Ambassadors/Alumni Aug 3
    Program Dates: Aug 4-7
    Departure: Ambassadors/ Alumni Morning of Aug 8 before 12 pm. Youth Leaders/Coaches/Team Leaders after 12 pm.

      Program is full and registration is closed!  Very Important! Your initial application needs to be completed in one 120 minute session. Please review the application and prepare all required documents prior to filling out the application.

      For more information about the program please read below.

    The Anthony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit is a five-day program that provides participants ages 14 to 17 with an environment designed to boost them into leadership roles that will change their lives and communities.

    Global Youth Leadership Summit's format includes small group discussions, hands-on service learning experiences, leadership simulation games and exercises designed to enable summit participants to identify their own particular leadership strengths. Dynamic keynote speakers from around the world present on topics from leadership styles to contribution. At the conclusion of Global Youth Leadership Summit, participants are encouraged to identify personal goals and make a commitment to community service.

    The Global Youth Leadership Summit is open to those looking to participate in encouraging leadership in the following roles:


    • Ambassador: First time participants who have never attended a previous Global Youth Leadership Summit 
    • Alumni: Returning participants who have been to a previous Global Youth Leadership Summit and have the desire to further their Leadership skills in addition to helping guide our first-time Ambassador participants.
    • Youth Leader: The highest level of applicants, Youth Leaders have been to a previous Global Youth Leadership Summit as an Ambassador and an Alumnus. They have been recommended or nominated to the Youth Leader role by their Team Leader at the previous year's Summit. App deadline is Monday April 13th.
    • Coach: Coaches are adult leaders who have a desire to help today's youth become tomorrow's leaders. Coaches may not attend at the same time as their children.
    • Youth Coach:  Youth Coaches have attended the previous three years as a youth participant (Ambassador, Alumni, and Youth Leader).  They are returning to support the event from a logistical standpoint and the Coaches in their role

    Program fees provide room and board, meals, and all materials associated with the program

    • The Ambassador and Alumni Fee is $600 if the application is completed before 5/1/2015 and $700 after (all spots are currently filled).

    •  The Coach and Youth Coach Fee is $250.

    Click here to see the Recap Video of Global Youth Leadership Summit 2014!

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    "First, a million thanks for the San Diego summit. I am so grateful my son had the opportunity to experience this magic. He had many, many magical experiences.  I was in tears, hearing my new matured, self reflecting, and very conscious about others, not just himself, new boy. His view of himself and others undoubtedly changed. Many of his friends noticed the difference and I am hopeful that through maintaining contact with his new GLYS friends he can maintain this new standard he adopted for himself. As a parent, I can only imagine the wonderful life ahead of him, having all these amazing tools."  

    -GYLS Attendee Parent

    "...What I liked was the opportunity I had to talk and share with young leaders from all around the world. Though we came from diverse backgrounds, we were all the same. We address different challenges in our lives, but all of us could share a laugh and ride a roller coaster together. At the Summit, I learned that friendship and shared passion can transcend culture and even language. I have made incredible connections with people incredibly different yet similar to myself in so many ways at the Summit. I also learnt a lot of new things on how to help the planet and contribute back to society and I learnt that youths can make significant changes to the world…… "

     -GYLS Attendee from Malaysia


    “I just wanted to say that GYLS was the absolute best experience I’ve ever had. This program was amazing and I can’t say that enough. I learned so many things about life and myself and everything that as soon as I got home I shared everything I had experienced with all of my friends. I even shared my many skills with my best friend so much that I am helping her to change and be a better person. As soon as I came home and talked to my friends, they all told me they were so proud of me and so glad I got the chance to attend this program because they could see the positive change in me. I also loved all of our speakers. Kathy Buckley is my hero! Thank you so much for accepting me to GYLS and I WILL be there next year! No matter what! Thank you again!”

     -GYLS Attendee from U.S.A


  • Unleash the Power Within - Youth Leadership Program

    London April 7-10, 2016 Apply December 1st
    Palm Beach, FL March 10-13, 2016 Apply December 1st

    UPW-Youth Leadership is a four-day program held in conjunction with Tony Robbins' “Unleash the Power Within” event.  Youth 14-17 years of age participate in the Unleash The Power Within event as a collective group with event experienced Coaches. Together, they create breakthroughs, move beyond fears and limiting beliefs, accomplish goals and realize true desires. Acceptance in to the program is based on fulfilling all the requirements in the application. Applications are welcomed  for first time  attendee's known as Youth Leaders, as well as those for the Adult Coach roles.  The Anthony Robbins Foundation presented its first UPW-Youth Leadership Program in Orlando, Florida in 2004. Hundreds of students, ages 14 through 17 have now walked on fire with a group of peers in this life changing program, learning the skills to lead in their own lives.

    "It was the greatest experience to walk across the fire! I was very afraid that I was going to get burned. Tony actually helped me across the coals. I realized when I was done that now I could accomplish anything."- Natalie Participant UPW-Youth Leadership, Orlando

    Requirements for acceptance to UPW-Youth Leadership:

    • 14–17 years of age
    • Good academic standing
    • A letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor, community leader or coach.
    • Copy of a proof of age document (Passport, Birth Certificate)
    • Completed 20 hours of community service in the past year.
    • Phone interview
    • Materials Fee $200 to be paid upon acceptance into the program.*  
    • Application Deadline- All the Application requirements listed above must be completed 45 days prior to the event to ensure review. This is an application process and space is very limited.
    • Each attendee is responsible for accommodations and transportation to and from the program each day. A Guardian must be available onsite and be there to pick up at the end of each night. This program has long hours. Please visit to learn more. 
    • *The Materials Fee associated with this event directly covers the cost of materials being used in conjunction with UPW-Youth Leadership.

    For more information please contact us

  • Youth Mentoring Program

    The Anthony Robbins Foundation Mentoring Program encourages community leaders to serve as mentors within their local schools and nonprofit organizations. The Foundation Mentoring Program provides leadership materials and ten lessons designed to give students new skills, introduce them to amazing leaders and help them to make a difference in their communities.

    This  unique mentoring program is designed to support a group of 10-30 students between the ages of 11 and 18 with dedicated mentors. The program material is carefully selected to motivate and empower individuals to contribute to the global society.  A Mentor can be a community leader, an academic advisor who is familiar with the participating students and/or a high school senior or college student.
    Mentors meet prior to student meetings in order to plan and prepare an empowering lesson. During meetings students are encouraged to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate with mentors and other students through exercises in their workbooks. Upon completion of the program’s ten lessons, mentor feedback is encouraged in order to assist in the continued development of program materials.

    Take part in the  Mentoring Program in your area today! Send a request on the letterhead of your school and/or nonprofit organization and we will send you the enrollment forms to help you get started! 

    For more information please contact us

  • Yes!

    Our YES! Event is an assembly for Middle or High School students providing leadership skills and specific strategies to help participants maximize their true potential.

    The YES! Event encourages and integrates leadership growth in an interactive and high-energy environment. Teaching that a true leader does not rest on their previous accomplishments, the YES! Event encourages individuals to have an even greater impact with each experience.

    Held for the first time in 2006, the Anthony Robbins Foundation partnered with the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership “HOBY” Foundation at its annual World Leadership Congress. Each year since, hundreds of student ambassadors between the ages of 15 and 17 from around the world have graduated from the YES! as more mature, globally conscious, and empowered individuals who continue to make meaningful contributions to their communities.
    Become a student ambassador today.

    Schools interested in bringing the YES! seminar to their hometown should contact email:

    For more information please contact us